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Mining the Motherlode

Photograph Conditions of Use:

  • The rights to the photographs on this Website belong to Barkerville Historic Town and Wells Historical Society Library and Archives. Photographs are to be used only for personal or research purposes unless permission for publication or commercial use is applied for and granted. Please contact Barkerville Historic Town for instructions on how to apply for permission.

  • All reproductions of the photographs on this Website must be credited either to Barkerville Historic Town or the Wells Historical Society

Conditions of use:

  1. Permission is for one-time use only, as described in these conditions, with no other rights. Any subsequent use (including subsequent editions, paperback editions, foreign language editions, etc.) constitutes re-use and must be applied for in writing to the Wells Historical Society. An additional fee may be charged for re-use.
  2. Credits should appear in close proximity to the image or in a special section devoted to credits. There will be no electronic redistribution of images from Barkerville Historic Town and/or the Wells Historical Society unless agreed to in writing. When known, the photographer should be credited. Crediting of each individual item is mandatory in all cases.
  3. Samples:
    When photographer is known: Fred Lucklow, Wells Historical Society WP00021.
    When photographer is unknown: Wells Historical Society WP00982
  4. Website restrictions: Images used on a website will not be more than 72 dpi. The long side of the image should not be more than 550 pixels. Compressed jpeg files should not be larger than 50 KB.
  5. Use fees are charged in addition to reproduction costs when an image is either to be published or put to some commercial use. Payment of this fee does not exempt the user from the credit line.
  6. Barkerville Historic Town and the Wells Historical Society have made attempts to identify copyright for all images.
  7. Accompanying captions must indicate all changes made to the original image, such as manipulation, significant cropping, tinting, superimposing, etc. Alterations are strongly discouraged.
  8. One complimentary copy of each publication (excluding film and videotape) in which the photographic copy appears must be sent to either Barkerville Historic Town or the Wells Historical Society, whichever group holds proprietary right on images.
  9. The user may not either reproduce or permit others to reproduce either the photographic copy or any facsimile of it. Additional copies must be purchased from either Barkerville Historic Town or the Wells Historical Society Library and Archives.
  10. The user may not reproduce the photographic copy: as a dust jacket; use it in an advertisement; reproduce it in any commercial use of a similar nature to a dust cover; mass produce it as unbound material, unless specially authorized by a "letter of permission" from the appropriate authority.
  11. In authorizing the publication of a photographic copy, Barkerville Historic Town and the Wells Historical Society does not surrender its own right to either publish it, or to grant permission to others to do so.
  12. Both Barkerville Historic Town and the Wells Historical Society will endeavor to provide images, which are free of either copy right restrictions or for which either Barkerville Historic Town or the Wells Historical Society holds copyright. However, it is advised that any recipients of images from these two organizations assume no further responsibility for how the images are used by others under the terms of the Copyright Act.
  13. Any exceptions and/or additions to the above conditions will appear on and be considered part of an application.

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