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Mining the Motherlode


Welcome to the Wells Archives! In this section, you can search all pages of the 'Mining the Motherload' Web site, including the Archives Finding Aid and 200 Archival photographs. Please choose to search by ALL or ANY of the words you have entered. This search engine does not support phrase searching at this time.

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You can define your search of the Archives by using these tools:

Archives Finding Aid lists the contents of boxes in the Archives, and can be browsed using this Aid. The Finding Aid will direct you to a file within a box. You will need the number of this file to be able to locate the physical document in the Wells Archives.

Photograph Database search
allows you to search through 200 archival photographs from the Wells Archives. We have also included a photograph index and keyword index search to assist you.

If you would like further information on the Wells Archives, visit these pages:
Using the Archives
Photograph Use Criteria

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