Mining the Motherlode Creators and Sponsors

Tisha McGregor

Project Leader
Tisha was the project leader for Mining the Motherlode. Tisha oversaw and participated in all hiring, layout,design and writing. This is Tisha's third digital collections website project. She has lived and worked in the Wells area for over 8 years. When not in front of a computer, Tisha spends her spare time out enjoying the awesome backcountry of BC and Alberta. Tisha McGregor


Danielle Kugelstadt

Danielle brings a background of tourism and database skills to the team dynamics having spent the past three years working in Wells managing the Wells Hotel.Danielle was a primary researcher and writer for the site. Danielle is a native of Australia and came to Canada in 1997 spending her first year travelling and touring our nation extensively.When not working Danielle loves to spend time outdoors whether it be canoeing, horseback riding or skiing of all types. Danielle calls Wells, British Columbia her home now. Danielle Kugelstadt


Robin Visanuvimol

Web Design
Robin was one of our web designers for this project. Robin assisted in creative design and layout, html, image manipulation and programming. When not creating amazing web sites; Robin loves music, movies, dancing, skiing, and playing hockey. After spending the summer web designing in Thailand, Robin has relocated to Vancouver, B.C and will pursue his multimedia career there. Robin Visanuvimol


Lisa Randall

Lisa was our education liason and primary creator of our Educators Corner. Lisa has been involved in education and teaching since graduating from UVic - Bachelor of Arts in English, and University of Calgary - Education. After residing in Alberta the last 4 years, Lisa now calls Kamloops her new home and is excited to be back in British Columbia. Lisa Randall


Tara Panrucker

Tara also did research and writing for the Mining the Motherlode Website. Tara is now living and working in Kelowna, British Columbia. Tara Panrucker



This digital collection was produced under contract to the BC Heritage Websites Program. Funding was provided by the following sponsors:  

Connect to Canada's Digital Collections of Industry Canada Canada's Digital Collections of Industry Canada

Connect to  the BC Heritage Trust BC Heritage Trust  
Connect to the BC Ministry of Education BC Ministry of Education  
Connect to the BC Museums Association BC Museums Association  
Connect to the BC Heritage Branch BC Heritage Websites Program



The Wells Historical Society: The Wells Historical Society was incorporated in 1972 and in addition to developing the Wells Museum, has been very involved in the preservation of Wells' unique streetscape. They have assisted with the completion of an inventory of historic buildings, several sets of as-found drawings and a heritage strategy for the community. For more information please call (250) 994 3422. The Wells Museum is open May to September.


William (W.G) Quackenbush: President. Bill is the presiding President of the Wells Historical Society and oversaw the content being digitized for this project. This is Bill's second digital collections web site he has managed, the first being Barkerville: Visions of Gold web site. Bill has been an integral part of researching and promoting the history of this area. Bill is also the Curator of Barkerville Historic Town.


Judy Campbell: Secretary Treasurer. Judy Campbell has lived in Wells since 1973 and has been active in the Wells Historical Society since 1974. In her private life she is a heritage/recreation/tourism planning consultant. She is also Councillor for the District of Wells and is involved in many community projects including the restoration of the Wells Community Hall.

Special Thanks to the following people who's previous research and assistance helped to make this site a reality: Jennifer Iredale, Les Halverson, Marie Nagel and Sandy Mather.  
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