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Mining the Motherlode

Wells and the World

When the rest of the world suffered during the Great Depression of the 1930s, called "the most disasterous decade of the twentieth century", the community of Wells, British Columbia was a boomtown of jobs, opportunities, and money to be made. Men and women of different cultural backgrounds were drawn to the Cariboo district at the beginning of another world-famous gold rush, in the hopes avoiding the devastating effects of unemployment.

Thriving Wells in the Thirties, wpH1019
Thriving Wells in the Thirties, wp1019


The forties however came with World War II designating Wells and it's one resource, mining, a non-war industry creating an economic slump for the town. The effects and aftermath of these

world events helped shape Wells past and present...

Winter in bustling Wells, wp611
Winter in bustling Wells, at -40 Fareinheit with smoking wood chimneys, wp611

Follow the arrows and learn more on the effects of the Great Depression and World War II on Wells...

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