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Mining the Motherlode

About this Site

Mining the Motherlode is a historical site focussing on the significant history of the town of Wells and it's main industry...hard rock mining. The site is comprised of six sections:

Mining the Motherlode: A history of mining companies, individuals, tools, law and techniques.

Educators Corner:This section sets out the curriculum and learning outcomes as they apply to each grade and has resources for teachers to prepare their lessons and visits to Wells.

Kids Corner:Games and exercises for students of all ages.

Tour the Town: A virtual town tour describing sites and buildings of interest. This section also includes images of each building.

Wells and the World: Summary of the effects of World War II and the Great Depression on the community of Wells.

Company Towns: Wells as a unique company town.

Wells Archives: Photographic Gallery of Wells as it was during it's economic boom in the 1930's and 40's.

Community Life: This section outlines the leisure and entertainment that existed in the community of Wells.

In addition there is a site map where you can look up any and every page on the site, a resource section including a glossary of mining terms and a bibliography if you wish to research further into the history of Wells and a team page where you can see who sponsored and created this web site.

On the side bar each section is listed with it's sub-sections to choose from along with options to navigate through including maps of the area, other sites to link to, a help page for technical assistance and relevant timelines.

Enjoy your visit to Mining the Motherlode...

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