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Mining the Motherlode


Circle the correct answer for each question:

  1. Fred Wells came prospecting in the Cariboo region in the year: 1946 - 1861 - 1922 - 1933
  2. How old was Fred Wells when he passed away? 65 - 95 - 83 - 76
  3. What was Fredıs favorite breakfast? Hotcakes - Bacon & Eggs - Cold Cereal - Hot Oatmeal
  4. What form of transportation did Fred use to get the first gold brick into Stanley? Car - Horse - Snowshoes - Helicopter
  5. According to his friends, Fred Wells was superior to his fellow miners in which activity? Skiing - Dancing - Hockey - Climbing

Answer the following questions:

What habits would Fred Wells never tolerate in his employees?
What was the name of the mining company founded by Fred Wells?
Where, and in what year, did Fred Wells pass away? Where are his ashes kept today? (be specific)

Describe a situation that exemplifies Fred Wellsı genuine concern for the well-being of his employees.

Check out the Answers and see how you faired!

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