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Mining the Motherlode
Oscar Henry Solibakke

Described as courageous and determined, O.H. Solibakke spent years placer mining in Alaska before he became involved in the development of the Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Company. A Seattle promoter and financial agent, O.H. Solibakke raised the money and disposed of the stocks for the Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Company (CGQ).

O.H. Solibakke watches gold brick pouring, wpH6

O.H. eventually became the optimistic director of the CGQ and sold shares in the United States, England, and Europe when the government would not allow it in Canada. Mr. Solibakke has been credited with being the best stock salesman on the Pacific Coast. He managed to sell stocks for the Cariboo Gold Quartz despite the Great Depression, mistrust of shareholders, nasty rumours spread by other financiers, and poor geological reports about the Cariboo. He made the sales through personal solicitation of prospectors and personalized advertisements, unusual practices at the time.

Labeled one of 'The Three Musketeers', Solibakke ignored the sceptics of the gold mines along with Fred Wells and Dr. Burnett. He also kept diaries, referred to as the Solibakke Diaries, which detail the mining strikes at the Cariboo Gold Quartz Mine and Island Mountain Mine. Mr. Solibakke also became a member of the townsite syndicate (The Wells Townsite Company) for the building of Wells, B.C.

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