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B.C. Ministry of Education's Learning Outcomes

Elementary Level

The Wells website primary focus is on the 1930's Goldrush and how it is important to our province. Outlined below is how this site can be used to fit into the curriculum for grades 2-3, 5 and 6. Though these outcomes are specific, the site can be adapted for any grade level wishing to use the significant history of Wells and it's colourful mining past as a learning tool.

Grade 2 to 3

Society and Culture section

- Wells can be seen as a description of a historical development of a provincial community.

Economy and Technology section

- the gold rush provides a look at how technology affects individuals and communities, and the development of a provincial community in relation to it's geographical location and resources.

Grade 5

• Economy and Technology section

- analyse the relationship between the development of communities and their available natural resources, namely gold and the development of the town around the gold rush, Wells.

- explain how supply and demand are affected by population and the availability of resources. Again the gold rush and the company town built around the gold is significant here. A resourced based town and all the consumers surrounding it.

- analyse the influence of technology on lifestyle and work. The difference hard rock mining and company mining versus individual mining. The technological advances and how they made searching for gold easier.

Environment section

- describe the diverse distribution of natural resources within Canada. The natural resource of gold and it's concentration in the Wells area can be used for this learning outcome.

-demonstrate understanding of sustainability, stewardship, and renewable versus non-renewable natural resources. The gold rush is perfect for demonstrating this outcome. oassess effects of lifestyles and industries on local and global environments. The gold industry and how Wells was thriving while the rest of the country was in a depression, causes and effects.

Grade 6

• Society and Culture section

- Wells and it's history can be used to portray daily life, work, family structures, and gender roles in Canada in the 1930's.

For more information visit the B.C Ministry of Education's website and visit their learning outcomes pages.

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