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The Lode Theatre

The Lode Theatre was built in 1942. Levi Graham, a theatre operator in Prince George, was partially responsible for building the theatre.

This theatre was the most modern in the interior at the time - it had 400 seats on a sloping floor. The stage, while only large enough for a movie theatre, had beautiful gold curtains, which could be opened or, closed from the projection room. The lighting on the stage could be changed from one colour to another, and this too was controlled from the projection room.

Ted Bobier took over management from C.D. Hoy, in 1940 and then in October, 1960 the theatre was sold to Harvey Bryant. The admission price in the 1960's was seventy-five cents. In order to create goodwill at the theatre there were special free shows for school children, Halloween parties, programs co-sponsored by the Kinsmen Club and the Wells Union.

In 1963 Harvey purchased the Wells drive-in from Della and Charlie Hubensky, and had it moved down beside the theatre, renaming it the Lode drive-in. It was opened in June, 1965.

After the mine closed down in 1967, the theatre still operated two nights a week, but in 1972 it was sold. In his memoirs, Harvey states that he discovered that the new owner was tearing up the floor and planned to turn the Lode into a restaurant36.

Harvey persuaded the Wells Historical Society to restore the old Sunset Theatre and the equipment from the Lode was relocated to the Sunset.

The Lode Theatre burnt down in 1985, and was replaced by the Northwoods Restaurant, which still operates today.

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