Sunset Theatre, wpH39

Sunset Theatre. wpH39

Sunset Theatre

Olsen and Pigeon constructed the Sunset Theatre in October/November of 1935. It operated as a theatre for both films and live performances until the early 1940's when these operations moved into the new Lode Theatre on the tailings, and the Sunset became the first licensed gambling hall in British Columbia, The Dominion Club.

The Wells Historical Society purchased the building in the late 1960s originally to house a museum. By this time there had been several modifications to the interior of the building. The fire proofing in the projection room had been removed. It is believed that there had originally been a balcony; this and original stairs leading to it are gone.

On June 21, 1975 it was reopened as a movie theater with shows twice a week during the summer months. The theatre was again operational after a period of 33 years. Harvey Bryant (previous owner of the Lode Theatre), and his wife Peggy worked there until 1980, when they moved to Quesnel.

In recent years it has sat vacant, however, it has been purchased recently by a Theatre group from Vancouver, who hope to restore it to its former glory, and provide live theatre shows in the building. Work has already begun on the front of the building.

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