Placer mining at Lowhee, wpH377Lowhee Gulch tailings, wpH362Residence and store on Lowhee Gulch, wpH840

First image of placer mining in Lowhee Gulch, second image of Lowhee gulch tailings, third image of Hugh's Store and residence behind on Lowhee Gulch. wpH377,362,840

South Wells, Lowhee Gulch

The flat area with the buildings is South Wells, commonly called The Tailings. Lowhee Gulch and the large valley near it were created by hydraulic mining, with a water cannon. The giant hoses had so much water coming out of them at such a strong pressure that a boulder the size of a car could be suspended in the air by the water and not touch the ground. These hoses blasted the valley into the mountain and created all the loose rock or tailings that the houses in South Wells are built on.

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