Deluxe General Store and Boarding House, wpH839Deluxe General Store and Boarding House, wpH635

Deluxe General Store and Boarding house can be see in first picture with eaves, and with sign in second picture. Commodore is located across the street. wpH839,wpH635

The Deluxe General Store & Commodore Café

The Deluxe Café and Boarding House was constructed in 1935 across the street from its main competition, The Commodore Café (could also have been called the Welcome Café at one stage). The Deluxe was owned and operated by Wing, a descendant of a Chinese Cariboo miner. It was bought by Louis Hong in the 40šs and operated as the Deluxe General Store. At one time it also contained the liquor store.

Today the Deluxe Cafe has been moved across the street, and sits facing the Wells Hotel.

The Commodore Café was later dismantled and the timber was shipped to Prince George for construction.


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