WRG 7 - Lee Chong Company 1946

Collection dates, Series 1 of 1 1948


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Historical Data

Lee Chong started with a small store constructed of logs located across the street from the present store. It became too small for the business and Lee Chong had the existing structure built by Dawson Mah’s grandfather in 1932 at a cost of  $1500.00. 


Lee Chong’s store sold groceries, clothes, shoes, wool socks, herbs, leather miner boots with laces, rubber boots, pork, pigs, ice and  frozen slabs of beef.  Some of the above were sent directly to mining camps without unpacking them out of the crates.


While in China, Bill Hong’s father sold one of his sons paper to Lee Chong for $500.00 (this was a common occurance in those days).  One of Bill Hong’s sisters died and Lee Chong gave Bill his sister in absentia, thus Lee Chong and Bill Hong were related.  When both men were mining in Canada, Lee Chong “wanted to do a good deed for Bill to help him out”, so he gave him 1/4 (working share) of the business. 


Scope and Contents



               1.1          (25)        -balance sheets, Lee Chong Co.                                              Dec., 1948 - Oct., 1949

                                             -receipts and invoices:  Wells Produce, Eric North,

                                              Wells Garage, Tom Yee Co., National Biscuit and

                                              Confection, Hammond Furniture, Nifty Noodles,

                                              L.M. McKinnon, Northern Woodstock Rubber Ltd.,

                                              McLennan, McFeely and Prior Ltd., H. Smart Men’s

                                              Wear and Clothing, Goldfield Bakery, Blue Ribbon


                                             -Royal Canadian Mint, Memorandum of Outrun of

                                              Gold Bullion Deposited at the Assay Office, by

                                              Royal Bank of Canada at Wells

               Canadian Factory Limited, British Ropes  given                                       

                                             to Lee Chong.     

               1.2          (1)          Unused invoice book, hardcover, bound in corduroy.  The Lee

                                             Chong Co. was owned by Pat and William Hong (1948).

               1.3          (1)          Restmore Catalogue (Furniture and Mattresses) No. 8