WRG 6 - Fred Tregillus Collection

Collection dates, Series #1 of 1 1905 - 1925


Historical Data


Fred J. Tregillus was born in Plymouth, England.  He came to Canada in 1882 and he spent his first two years working on the construction of the CPR and in 1886 he arrived in Barkerville, where he lived until his death in 1962 at the age of 99.  He was involved in numerous prospecting ventures in the Barkerville area, along Lightening Creek and in Beaver Pass.  Tregillus Creek was named after him.  His interests included hard rock mining and his Proserpine claims were eventually sold to the Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Co.  In the early 30’s Tregillus, along with Bill Hong, Elmer Armstrong and Jack Murray , joined Bill Mast, and Fred Becker to operate the Barkerville Light and Power Company.  He married Mary House and they had three children, Alfred, Marge and Mildred.  As of Feb. 1996, Mildred is living in Quesnel.  Anyone thinking of interviewing her should first contact the Wells Historical Society or her family.


Scope and Contents


The collection includes correspondence and papers related to the Barkerville Branch of the Provincial Mining Association (1903 - 1905), correspondence regarding the Proserpine Mountain Gold Properties, Barkerville (1919), material dealing with the Barkerville - Fraser R. Road (1912 - 1913, 1918), correspondence and papers related to the Bear River Coal Lands (1911 - 1914), correspondence and papers related to the Barkerville Liberal Association (1916, 1917), correspondence, receipts, invoices, order books related to Army and Navy Cooperative Society (1910 - 1926), correspondence dealing mainly with mining at Big Valley Creek and Williams Creek (1912 - 1915), correspondence and papers dealing with Barkerville School (1918 - 1921), correspondence and papers related to Frank Kibbee (1913, 1918),  pencil drawn maps (no dates), and miscellaneous material.


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In this Series:

1. = BC Mining Association, Barkerville Branch

2. = Mining Operations

3. = Coal Lands

4. = Proserpine Mountain

5. = Liberal Association

6. = Army & Navy Co-operative Society Ltd.

7. = Barkerville - Fraser River Road (Goat River Road)

8. = Frank Kibbee

9. = Barkerville School

10. = Miscellaneous Correspondence

11. = Maps




   1.1          (21)        This file contains correspondence and papers related to the Barkerville Branch of            the Provincial Mining Association of which Tregillus was Secretary in 1903, 1905.

         - letter from John Keene (Pres. PMA of BC) to   Oct. 26, 1903


         -notice of meeting Nov. 1903

         -minutes of Barkerville branch of PMA        Feb. 5, 1904

         -letter describing meeting from A. Atkin (Secretary         Feb. 1904

          Barkerville Branch PMA) to editor Ashcroft Journal

         -copy of letter from Barkerville branch PMA to Secretary          Feb 9, 1904

          BC PMA, Victoria      

         -statement of cash balance, Barkerville branch      Sept 1, 1904

         -list of members holding badges        No date

         Barkerville Branch membership list      Feb. 5, 1904

         -letter from John Keen to A. Atkin    Feb. 20, 1904

         -letter from the PMA central executive to A. Atkin          1904

         -letter from E. Jacobs to A. Atkin      Aug. 20,1904

         -letter from E. Jacobs to Legislative Assembly     Feb. 25, 1904

         -minutes of meeting, Barkerville Branch PMA      Nov. 3, 1905

         -letter to PMA in Victoria (4 typed copies, 1 hand           Nov. 8, 1905


         -letter from E. Jacobs to Tregillus     Nov. 25, 1905

         -By-laws of Barkerville Branch

         -Directions for Forming Branches and Electing Delegates          No date

          to Second Annual Convention        

         -Report of Barkerville Branch Committee on by-laws,     Nov. 21, 1905

         -Proposed Amendments to Constitution and By-laws    No date

         -petition to Legislature from Barkerville electors asking            Feb. 10, 1905

          that the Crown give grant of placer claims

         -receipt for money paid by Barkerville Branch to PMA   No date

         -letter from J.G. Alexander to Tregillus        Nov. 6, 1905

         -Notice of meeting of Barkerville Branch PMA    Nov. 3, 1905

         -2 PMA blank membership cards signed by B.A. Laselle No date



   2.1          (56)        Correspondence mainly regarding prospects held by   Apr.18, 1911-Apr. 15, 1915

         Tregillus at Big Valley Creek and Williams Creek. 

         Reference is also made to Pinkerton and

         Cunningham properties.  The collection includes

         thirty letters, including copies of letters written

         by Tregullis.  The main correspondents are

         John T. Towers (of Seattle, Washington),

         Winchester Dickerson, Henry Boursin, and

         Stuart Henderson.

         Also included in this file are 25 telegrams, mainly

         concerned with Big Valley and mainly sent

         between Tregillus and John Towers.




   3.1          (25)        Correspondence regarding Bear River coal      Aug. 18, 1911-Apr. 16, 1914

         lands to which Tregillus and Joseph Wendle

         had joint prospecting licenses.  The property

         was located in the Bear River Valley, about

         forty miles east of Fort George.  The file also

         contains three copies of legislation on ‘Coal

         Prospecting and Rights of Way’.  Included

         are letters from:

         - Tregillus to William Irwin       July 21, 1911

         -Wm. Irwin to Tregillus           Aug. 18, 1911

         -Tregillus (not signed) to W. Irvine    Aug. 25, 1911

         -Fidelity Securities to Tregillus         Nov. 20, 1911

         -BC Mining and Engineering to Tregillus      Nov.21, 1911

         -John Dudwan to Tregillus         Dec. 7 and Dec. 21, 1911

         -Tregillus to John Dudwan         Jan. 4, 1912

         -John Dudwan to Tregillus         Feb. 9, 1912

         -C.F. Galloway to Tregillus        Apr. 23, 1912

         -notes on Bear River coal land from Tregillus       June, 1912

         -declaration of work done on Coal Prospecting    June 11, 1912

          Licenses #6113 and #6118 by J. Wendle and

          F. Tregillus

         -Tregillus (not signed) to C.A. McAllister with the

          following enclosures regarding Bear River Coal:

         blueprint map, extract from Fort George newspaper,

          copy of Blakemore’s report and analysis and notes

          by J. Wendle

         -McAllister to Tregillus    Sept. 24, Oct. 14 & 24, 1912 and Feb. 18, 1913 

         -E.J. Chamberlain to Tregillus            Feb. 25, 1913

         -Tregillus to A.J. Beaudette    Mar. 13, 1913

         -A.J. Beaudette to Tregillus    Apr. 2,  1913

         -Tregillus (not signed) to W.F. Dunphy Esq.       Apr. 30, 1913

         -Wesley and Wiggins to Tregillus   May 20, 1913

         -Tregillus to Wesley and Wiggins   May 26, 1913

         -Tregillus (not signed) to James Murphy May 26, 1913

         -Tregillus (not signed) to E.A. Haggen    Dec. 11, 1913

         -John Towers from Henry Bigelow Mar. 25, 1914

         -F. Tregillus to H. Boursin      Apr. 16, 1914




   4.1          (14)        Correspondence regarding Proserpine Mountain  March 4-July 15, 1919         

         Gold Properties, Barkerville, BC. Included are:

         -J.J. Malone to Tregillus         Feb. 18, 1919

         -Preston Locke to Tregillus       Mar. 4, 1919

         -F. Tregillus to J.J.Malone         Mar. 6, 1919

         -Tregillus to Preston Locke `     Apr. 10, 1919

         -Bert Smith to Tregullis          Apr. 14, 1919

         -Tregillus to Bert Smith          Apr. 30, 1919

         -Bert Smith to Tregillus          May 14, 1919

         -P.W. Racey to Tregillus      May 29 and 30, 1919

         -J.J. Malone to Tregillus         June 2, 1919

         -Tregillus to J.J. Malone         June 6, 1919

         -Robert Bryce to Tregillus, Blair and Carey  July 15, 1919

         -Robert Bryce to Tregillus         July 26, 1919

         -4 telegrams; correspondents are Malone and Bryce     Apr. 7 - July 27, 1919

          (probably related to Proserpine)




   5.1          (15)        Correspondence regarding the Barkerville Liberal   Jan. 4, 1916-Aug. 1917

         Association of which Tregillus was Secretary in 1917

         In this group there are letters from:

         -J.M. Yorston to Tregillus    Jan. 14, 1916

         -minutes of Barkerville Liberal meeting with object     Jan. 27, 1917

          of forming Barkerville Liberal Association (J.M.

          Yorston, President, F. Tregillus, Secretary)

         - F. Tregillus (unsigned) to Yorston   Feb. 1, 1917

         -motions passed at Barkerville Liberal Association       Feb. 10, 1917


         -John Holt to Tregillus         Feb. 10, 1917

         -Tregillus (unsigned) to J.M. Yorsten            Feb. 15, 1917

         -J.M. Yorston to Tregillus    Mar. 7, 1917

         -motions passed at Barkerville Liberal Association       Mar. 10, 1917


         -Tregillus to J.M. Yorston    Mar. 13, 1917

         -form naming delegates to the Liberal nominating         Apr. 7, 1917

          convention for the Cariboo Federal Electorate

          District (not filled in)

         -Raymond Leighton to Tregillus      Aug. 22, 1917




      6.1          (36)        correspondence re: Army and Navy         1910-1926

   Coooperative Society, London, England

   This contains 2 unused Army and Navy

   envelopes, receipts, invoices, order books,

   and correspondence.  All the material in the

   file refers to transactions betweek Fred

   Tregillus and the Army and Navy Cooperative

   Society.  The bulk of the material dates from

   1019 - 1913




   7.1          (27)        The file contains papers and correspondence   1912-1918

         dealing with a Barkerville-Fraser River Road

         which would provide an easterly wagon route

         from Barkerville to the ‘Grand Trunk Pacific


         -general report of reconnaissance engineer  Dec. 10, 1912

         -pencil written summary of general report    No date

         -monthly time book forms for person employed on         No date

          road or trail, no entries, Frank Kibbee’s signature

          at bottom of page

         -letter from Tregillus to Secretary, Board of Trade          Dec. 5, 1912

          of Ashcroft, re: road

         -letter from Tregillus to E.E.P. Cunliffe Esq., Dec. 5, 1912

          150 Mile House, re: road

         -letter from Tregillus to A. McDonald Mpp, Clinton,       Dec. 5, 1912

          re: road

         -assistant engineer’s report on snow drifts on proposed   Sept. 24, 1913

         Barkerville-Fraser River Road

         -Public Works Dept. Time Book - Roads (Barkerville     Sept. 21, 1918

          Fraser River Road) for two weeks ending Sept. 21, 1918




   8.1          (13)        Correspondence regarding Frank Kibbee, Guide and Trapper   1913, 1918

         -correspondence between E.H. Morrison and Tregillus    Jan. 6-Sept. 1, 1913

          (writing on behalf of Frank Kibbee) re: guided hunting

          trip in Bear Lake area (with Kibbee as guide)

         -corrrespondence between ? and Tregillus regarding        Aug. 1918

          time sheets signed by Frank Kibbee for work done on

          Bear Lake wagon road      

         -time and wages book for Frank Kibbee  Aug. - Sept., No year

         -unused stationary belonging to Frank Kibbee - has          No year

          photo of Kibbee and inscription ‘Trapper, Guide

          and Owner of Sporting Camps’



   9.1          (78)        Correspondence relating to Barkerville School.                Mar. 22, 1913-June, 1923

         Fred Tregillus was Secretary of the Barkerville

         School Board in 1919-1922 and possibly longer

         -the file includes correspondence re: teaching

          positions (applications, letters to the superintendent

         of Education), bank statements re:financial status

         of school, forms indicating names and numbers of

         textbooks in school, letters between Tregillus

         and Victoria


   9.2          (10)        Annual Barkerville School Reports 1918-1921

         -these reports include No. of school days,

          no. of pupils attending, no. of pupils

          at each level of each subject, details of

          management, names of  maps supplied,

          teachers: Eleanor Louise Stevenson,

          Charles Hagton, A.L. Wheeler and trustees

          Fred Harper and Fred Tregillus

   9.3          (49)        Monthly Teachers Reports at Barkerville School           1918-1925

         -signed by teachers:  Irene Savard, Dorothy

          Johnson, Terence Crowley, J. Hart Livingstone

          A.L. Wheeler, Charles Hayton




   10.1       (11)        Miscellaneous correspondence          1910-1915

         -postcard from McArthur to Tregillus           1910

         -letter from Tregillus to Atkins re: option on scheelite    Mar. 16, 1916


         -letter from Mining Corporation of Canada Ltd.   Feb. 6, 1920

          (R. Bryce) to Tregillus re: sampling on various claims

         -correspondence with Sun Life Assurance Co. of            Mar. 1, Dec. 3, 1915


         -part of a letter from Boursin    No date

         -3 telegrams:  2 from Elmer Armstrong, 1 written           Sept., 1921 and Dec. 1919

          to W.H. Hamilton

         -list of those on Wells Special Police Reserve           No date

          (including Tregillus)

         -clipping from Mining, Engineering and Electrical          

          Record showing sample of gold mined on French

          Creek, BC


11. MAPS


   11.1       (5)          5 pencil drawn maps, all showing similar area:      No dates

         Pleasant Creek, Grouse Creek, Talisman real estate

         and applications and stakes in area, no dates