WRG 24 - Music

Collection Dates, Series #1 of 1 1894 - 1936


Historical Data



Scope and Contents

This Series contains sheet music and music books from classical and modern composers.


Series 1:

In this Series all music is listed separately.


   1.1          (88)        Full score of music for Organ Echoes Serenade

         by Al Hayes

   1.2          (60)        What the Robin Sang by Margaret Crichton  c. 1928

         A Windy Day by Richard h. Walthen     c. 1930

         Believe Me If All Thoes Endearing Young Charms by J Adamson           c. 1916

         Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be? by Lillian Tyers        

         Serenade by Franz Schubert       c. 1933

         Novello’s Short Anthems by S. Coleridge-Taylor c. 1892

         I Dream of Jeannie - Stephen C. Foster         c. 1929

         My God and Father by G.W. Martson           

         Schirmer’s, Concone lesson for the Voice   c. 1892

         The Bohemiams by G. Puccini  

         My Dear Soul by Wilfred Sanderson    c. 1906

         New Pianoforte Compositions, printed by Enoch & Sons -


         Repentance by Ch. Gounod       

         Her Name is Mary by Harold Ramsay

         Miniatures by Moritz Moszkowski

         Compositions for Piano Forte, New York: G. Schirmer

         Air de Ballet by C. Chaminade

         Remember Thee by Thomas Moore

         One Fleeting Hour Song by Dorothy Lee

         If Winter Comes by H.M. Tennentk

         For Killarney and You byt Louise Treasdale

         Oh you beauty by Murray Bloom        c. 1912

         Ave Maria from Cavalleria Rusticana

   1.3          (10 pages, 1 book)A little Love A Little Kiss by Lao Silesu          c. 1912

         I’ll Give You The Word by J. S. Zamecnik    c. 1925

         Classical Music for Voice         c. 1906

         New Songs by Celebrated Composers by Enoch & Sons  c. 1893

         Kunkel Piano Pedal Method by Charles Kunkel Bro. Publisher 

         Compositon Eugen D’Albert By Ed Bote & Bolk-Berlin

   1.4          (42 pages, 4 books)Waltz - Terzo by L. Streabog      

         Smile Through Your Tears printed by Chappell Harms Inc.

         The White Dove by Franz Lehar

         Marche Mignonne by Ed. Poldini       c. 1897

         Garden of Roses by Mrs. E. J. Wyatt    c. 1924

         Valsette by Fritz Kirchner      

         The Birds by Carrie Jacobs-Bond

         The Better Land - words by Mrs. Hemans

         A May Morning by L Denza

         Dancing Honeymoon by Philip Braham         c. 1912

         Nocturne by Chopin

         Frolics by Nicolai Von Wilm

         Tarantelle by Stephen Heller

         Nine Favourite Songs by Willeby Album

   1.5 Musical Score for Deep Harmony Hymnary - Brass Band Parts

   1.6          (21)        Musical Score for Britain on Parade By W. Stewart         c. 1951

      (2)          Score Sheets for Festival of Roses by Albert H. Oswald

   1.7          (32)        Musical Score for In A Monastery Garden by Albert W.Ketelbey          c. 1943

   1.8          (25)        Musical Score for Pas Des Midinettes by Geo. Raquelle c. 1951

      (1)          Valse Lente “Embers” by Bertram Lestrange   c. 1922

   1.9          (58)        Musical Score for Assembly Hour by Ed Chenette           c. 1931

   1.10       (41)        Musical Score for The New Colonial March  

   1.11       (73)        Musical Score for Colonel Bogey March by Kenneth J. Alford c. 1914

   1.12       (7 books)Sousa’s Famous Marches by Samuel Landenslager

   various parts         1949

         1 order form to Western Music Company from Wells Band       1955

   Wilf Dunaley      

   1.13       (53)        Musical Score for Silver Talisman by E. DeLamater

      (6)          Musical Score for Bless This House from Boosey’s Choral


         No! Not More Welcome by Thomas Moore

         Drink to Her by Thomas Moore

         In The Starlight by Stephen Glover

         Songs by G.F. Handel - Paterson’s Pub. Ltd.

         Blossom Time by Roger Quilter        c. 1914

         A Little Song by Muriel Mather         c. 1914

         Madrigal by C. Chaminade

         When Lights Go Rolling Round the Sky by John Ireland              1911

         Have you Forgotten by Melville Gideon        1917

         Buttercup Fields by Enid R. Clay        c.  1927

         Sonatinen by Fr. Kuhlau       

         The World is Waiting for the Sunrise by Ernest Seitz      c. 1919

         Modern Piano Forte by AS Vogt

         The Crystal Bowl by Elinor Janson

         The Slumber Boat by Jessie Gaynor

         Every Woman by Walter Browne      c. 1911

   1.14          Hymn Tunes With Varied Harmonies by J.W. Elliott    

         A Life Lesson by Ethelbert Nevin      c. 1893  Madam Sherry- Every Little Movement by Karl Hoschna   1910

         Still As The Night by Carl Bohm        c. 1910

         There’s A Small Hotel by Richard Rogers     c. 1936

         Hush-A-Bye, Ma Baby by Joan Valentine Eppel    c. 1914

         Gypsy Love Song by Victor Herbert 

         Bird Songs at Eventide by Eric Coates           c. 1926

         When The Day Is Done by Dr. Robert Katscher    c. 1929

         Memories by Egbert Van Alstyne       c. 1915

         My Hero by Oscar Straus        c. 1909

         Lo! Here The Gentle Lark by Sir Henry Bishop

         My Sweatheart of Paradise by Charles Cadman     c. 1923

         Rustic Songs by Robert Conningsby Clarke  c. 1912

         My Dearest Prayer c. 1921

         Phryne by Pedro De Fulweta      c. 1909

         In The Garden of Tomorrow by Jessie L. Deppen  c. 1924

         Music Folio - The Semi-Centennial      c. 1884

         My Blue Danube by Johann Strauss

         Somewhere A Voice is Calling by Arthur F. Tate

         Stardust by Hoagy Carmichael                     c. 1929

         The Land of Romance by Karl Hoschna

         The Lass With the Delicate Air by Thomas A. Arne          c. 1902

         Songs My Mother Taught Me bt Anton Dvorak

         I Love Thee by Edward Greig     c. 1901

         The Lifted Veil by Joseph Barnby

         Spirit of God by Winifred Moore      c. 1923

         I Heard a Forest Praying by Peter de Rose    c. 1927

         You and Love       by Guy D’Hardelot    c. 1906

         Rose, Just Suppose by Edwin B. Abbott         c. 1919

         New Popular Songs            c. 1926

         Your Tiny Hand is Frozen by G. Puccini        c. 1909

         The Lord is My Shepherd by Herbert Tebb         

         The Sunshine of Your Smile by Leonard Cooke Copyright 1913

         Poster:  Up and Down Broadway by Jean Schwartz       

   1.15          O Dry Those Tears by Theresa Del Riego           Copyright 1901

         Favorite Songs by Franz Schubert (E. Wallace

   printed on outside cover)

         Kiss Me Again by Victor Herbert,   Copyright 1940

         That Wonderful Mother of Mine by Walter Goodwin Copyright 1918

         Ave Maria by Pietro Mascagni (cover only)

         Two Songs: Sing Me A Song of a Lad That’s Gone,

         Your Kiss Beloved by G. Schirmer

         Callest Thou Thus Oh Master by Henry Smart

         Merrily I Roam by George Schileiffarth       1904

         Title pages only:

   Choice Collections of Vocal Gems

   Pas Des Echarpes by C. Chaminade

   May in Tuscany by Ethelbert Nevin

   None but the Lonely Heart by Peter Tschaikowsky

         World Famous Songs - Book of songs put together by the

   Fredrick Harria Co., Oakville, Ont.

         Single pages of unidentifiable music

   1.16          Books

   Hill Billy Record Round-up Song Folio  1935

   Brass by Beeson (Catalogue)

   Hawaiian Guitar Solos - Everybody’s Favorite    1946

   Series, No. 62        

   A Canadian Song Book edited by Sir Ernest Macmillan 1940

   The Smiling Sixpence - An operetta for children by       1930

   Geoffrey O’Hara

   Christmas Songs and Carols by J.B. Cramer & Co.

   Church Parade Band Book

   Sacred Songs by Sankey, McGranthan, Stebbins 1896

   (name in cover of book A.E. Sherman from Mary 12th

   Nov. 1897)

   1.17          The Kiss Burglar by Glen MacDonough and Raymond Hubbell      Copyright 1918

         Four Hand Favorites - McKinley Music Co.(cover only,

   inscription:  Miss. E. Wallace Feb. 8/06)

         Bring Me A Rose by Lionel Moncton                      Copyright 1909

         Lazyland by Paul A. Rubens              Copyright 1907

         Song’s of Open Country (4 songs) by Easthope Martin           Copyright1919        

         April-Smile by Maurice Depret         

         Narcissus by Ethelbert Nevin          

         I Love a Little Cottage by Geoffrey O’Hara                  Copyright 1922

         Part of a book (no cover - 12 pages) by Ethelbert Nevin

         Part of a book (no cover - 12 pages) by Schumann, Wagner etc.

         Waltz in “A” by Joseffy (single page)

         Waltz by L. Streabbog

         Part of a book with various chors tecniques

         Part of a book (7 - pages) by various composers

         To a Violet by Johannes Brahms                Copyright 1915

         His Lullaby by Carrie Jacobs-Bond (single page)

         Smilin’ Through by Arthur A. Penn            Copyright1918

      Face to Face by Herbert Johnson                Copyright 1847

      The Time I’ve Lost In Wooing, I’m a Poor Irish Girl

         Songs Introduced by Louise Cunning in The Balkan Princess          Copyright 1911

         by Schubert (2 pages)       

         America Sings-Song Book-Temptations by Nacio Herb Brown     Copyright  1933

         Song Favorites by Robbins Music Corp. New York  (single page)

         The Matic List of Selected Sacred Songs by W. McConnell

   Wood (single page)     

         Thou Art Like A Lovely Flower by R. Schumann

         New Songs & Duets from catalogue of G. Schirmer (single page)

         Selected Songs by Johannes Brahms (single page)

         A Little Song by E.A. Muriel Mather (single page)

         Two Part Songs For Treble Voices - Joseph Williams Ltd. (single page)

         New Songs published by Oliver Ditson Co. (single page)

         Cuvres De Chaminade - Piano Music (single page)

1.18   Moonlit Waters by Leo Friedman    Copyright 1906

         Baby Rose by George Christie                  Copyright 1911

         Poem - Go Down to Kew in Lilac-Time by Alfred Noyes

         The Pretty Little Girl Inside by Jean Schwartz              Copyright 1910

         Carissma by Arthur A. Penn

         In The Garden by Victor Harris        Copyright 1907

         Out of the Dusk to You by Dorothy Lee

         Hold Thou My Hand by C.S. Briggs   Copyright 1905

         Kathleen Mavoureen words by Mrs. Crawford

         Finale, Act ll No. 13 (No date or composer)

         Consolation by Felix Mendelssohn

         My Dear by Ernest R. Ball      Copyright 1907

         Sing-Smile-Slumber by Charles Gounod Copyright 1882

         Nobody’s Child by G. E’sthbrook    Copyright 1868

         Rigaudon - Editor Peters - Germany

         Modern Tenth Brass Chart - Century Parade by

         Bob Galeher & Jim Smock

         A Kiss in the Dark from Operetta “Orange Blossoms”       c. 1922

   by Victor Herbert

         Duna by Josephine McGill                              c.  1914

         Ave Maria by Pietro Mascagni        

         Waltzes & Two-Steps of Merit - McKinley Edition

   of ten cent music (single page)

         Various single sheets of music

   1.19          The Far-Away Bells by Westell Gordon       c. 1926

         Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms       

         by Sir John Stevenson

         Ragtime Cowboy Joe by Lewis F. Muir & Maurice Abrahams     c. 1912

         Dear Little Shamrock by Cherry

         Beautigul Erin by Glover

         Dermot Astore by Couch

         As Slow Our Ship words by Thomas Moore

         I Found You by Lilliam Rose Dale Goodman      c. 1926

         Thank God For A Garden by Teresa Del Reigo            c. 1915

         Valse by J. Brahms

         The Clock & The Dresdan Figures by Albert W. Ketelbey  c. 1930

         The Summer Boat by Jessie L Gaynor

         Sun of My Soul by Lewis Carey            c. 1906

         Beautiful Isle of Somewhere by John S. Fearis            c. 1897

         Hold Thou My Hand by C.S. Briggs

         A Perfect Day by Carrie Jacobs-Bond  c. 1910

         The Lotus Flower - Poem by Heine, composer Schumann  c. 1902

         Tann Hauser by Richard Wagner

         Margery Green Song by Arnold Beresford       c. 1907

         I’m Alright by Karl Hoschna            c. 1910

         Official Book of Finger Exercises by the Associated Board of the

   Royal Academy of Music, England

         Various sheets of music - no dates or composers

   1.20          Nancy Lee by Stephen Adams         

         Augmented Section of Manhattan Skips - Finger Exercises

         Scherzo by Schubert

         Melodie by Anton Rubinstein

         Sonatine - Allegro Editor Peters, Germany

         Various music sheets on finger exercises & Piano Jazz by Dr.           c.  1930

   M. Alan Stone     

         Eveleen’s Bower -  words by Thomas Moore

         Tho’ The Last Glimpse of Erin by Thomas Moore

         Within The Garden of My Heart by Alicia Scott          c. 1912

         The Virgin’s Cradle Hymn by Herbert Fryer    c. 1918

         Popular Songs by Guy D’Hardelot (single sheet)        c. 1911

         Harry Owen’s Hawaiian Compositions (single sheet)

         The Harp That Once Thro’ Tara’s Halls - words by Thomas Moore           

         One Fleeting Hour by Dorothy Lee       c. 1915

         Katey’s Letter by Lady Dufferin

         Whenever I See Those Smiling Eyes, words by Thomas Moore

         Vale - Farwell by Kennedy Russel         c. 1915

         Excerpts from “Roberta” by Jerome Kern        c. 1933

         Various Music Sheets - no composer or dates

   1.21          The Bell’s of St. Mary’s by Emmett Adams     c. 1917

         The Rosary by Ethelbert Nevin              c. 1900

         For Every Boy Whose Lonely by Karl Hoschna          c. 1911

         I’m Falling in Love With Someone by Victor Herbert         c. 1910

         New & Popular Songs by Teresa Del Reigo     c. 1912

         Sacred Solos - There is a Green Hill Far Away by Charles Gounod

         Little Mother of Mine by  H.T. Burleigh (single sheet)       c. 1917

         Lassie O Mine by Edward J. Walt (single sheet)         c. 1917

         Little Boy Blue by Guy D’Hardelot         c. 1896

         Old Friend on Mine by Carrie Jacobs-Bond     c. 1919

         Sheet Music (4 songs - single sheet), by the Wm. Maxwell Music Co.  c. 1906

         A Spring Carol by Henry E. Geehl         c. 1915

         It’s Lonesome Tonight by Jos. E. Howard        c. 1906

         Under The Double Eagle by J.F. Wagner

         Book with various composers i.e. Grieg, Durand, Paderewski

         Various sheets of music with no date

         New & Standard Songs & Duets by Boosey & Co. (single sheet)

         Range Chart for Band & Orchestra Instruments by C.G. Conn, Ltd.           c. 1936

         Exercises With Bass Cleff - Edition Wood No. 239

   1.22          World Famous Piano Pieces - Piano Folio by Music Sellers

         Music book with various opera songs and duets

         Edward by A Geoghegan

         Songs For All Singers by Chappell - Harms Inc.

         T’is The Last Rose of Summer - words by Thomas Moore

         He, The Noblest of the Noble by Robert Schummann

         Delight by Isidore Luckstone           c. 1894

         A Hero Song by Ethelbert Nevin           c. 1900

         Children’s Musical Moments for piano forte by Stella Morse Livsey       c. 1910

         Since Thou, O Fondest & Truest by Healy Willan       c. 1925

         Seranade by Charles Wakefield Cadman (single sheet)

         Wearing of the Green - words by Dion Boucicault     c. 1906

         I Know A Lovely Garden by Guy D’Hardelot   c. 1903

         Gustav Mahler’s Edition - Universal Edition A.G. Wein (single sheet)

         The Lost Chord by Arthur Sullivan

         The First Swallow - words by Barnard

         Successful Songs - G. Schirmer Inc.

         Your Song From Paradise by Sydney Barlow Brown                   c.  1927     

         A Vucchella - Lips So Sweet & Tender by F. Palol Tosti     c. 1907

         Rondo l by Mozart - Edition Peters

         Olga’s Music Folder Brown paper folder with hand written notes

   1.23          Music book with various songs, classical and modern to Jazz      c. 1914

   by G. Schirmer

         In the Heart of the Hills by Dorothy Lee (single sheet)       c. 1926

         The Love Beaming from Your Eyes by Julian Edwards (single sheet)     c. 1908

         Poster:  The Time - The Place - The Girl by Jose E. Howard

         Six Collections of Famous Compositions - Published by Jos. W.

   Stern & Co.         


Series 2

This Series contains band music books and sheet music


In this Series:

1. = Band Music

2. = Band Catalogues

3. = Festival Programs

4. = Miscellaneous


1. Band music


   1.1          (45)        God Save The Queen

   1.2          (34)        Asembly Hour by Ed Chennette

   1.3          (57)        Cathedral Echoes by F.L. Buchtel

   1.4          (25)        Poem by Zdenko Fibich

   1.5          (34 books)Tunes and Toasts For All Times         1948

   1.6          (16)        Carl Fischer Album of Favorite Waltzes

   1.7          (20)        Church Parade Band Book

   1.8          (10)        Chenette Advanced Technique   1935

   1.9          (14)        Concert and Assembly Band Folio        1950

   1.10       (5)          I Double Dare You    1937

   1.11       (35)        Boosey’s Brass Band Journal           1922

   1.12       (2)          Silver Talisman Overture   1946

   1.13       (9)          Miscellaneous Books:

   Cole’s Clarinet Method           1932

   Foundation to Tuba & Sousaphone Playing   1931

   Field Formation Band Series (cover only)    No date

   Unison Scales, Chords & Rythmic Studies for Bands       1921

   Haskell W. Harr’s Marimba & Xylophone Method           1938

   Rhubank Horn Symphony        1939

   Boosey & Hawkes Band Method        1947

   Part of an instruction book for drums   No date

   Parts of various books       No date


2. band catalogues


   2.1          (1)          Carl Fischer’s Band Programming Guide

      (1)          St John’s Music Store Band & Orchestra Catalogue


3. festival programs


   3.1          (1)          Prince George Music and Drama Festival        1954

      (1)          Prince George District Festival 1954


4. Miscellaneous


   4.1          (1)          Small band notebook with name:  Wilf Dunkley

      (1)          Chart Illustrating Band Instruments       1949

      (1 book)Tabernacle Hymns, Number three         1939


Series 3

This Series contains Conn Music band folders of music from Western Music, Vancouver, BC


In this Series:

1. = Band Folders




   3.1          (34)        Boosey’s Brass Band Journal musical parts for bands         1903      The Star of Bethlehem

         Joyful All Ye Nations

         Five Standard Hymns

         Anthem - “Teach Me O Lord”

         Open the Heavens

         Impromptu - The Cathederal

         Andante - Sonata No. 12

         Here’s A Health to All Good Lasses

         The Summer Days are Coming

         Tell Me Roses

      (31)        Poet and Peasant

   3.2          (45)        Beautiful Danube

   3.3          (55)        Into My Hands (some sheets hand written)

   3.4          (80)        Hosannah

         Land of Hope and Glory

         Hymns of the Great Composers

         Silver Moonllight Winds are Blowing

         Oh Who will O’er the Downs so Free

         Softly falls the Moonlight

         Rejoice Today

         The Lost Chord

         A Hymn of the Home Land

         Judge Me O God

   3.5          (26)        Intermezzo

      (29)        Joy to The World


   3.6          (13)        Silver Talisman

   3.7          (26)        Festive Days

      (21)        Festival of Roses

   3.8          (28)        Visions

   3.9          (62)        In A Monestry Garden

         For All The Saints

         God is Our Refuge

         As You Pass By

         Lead, Kindly Light

         Bells of Ouseley

      (1)          Poem

   3.10       (3)          Empty Band Folders