WRG 17 - Joe Wendle - Books and Manuals

Collection Dates, Series #1 of 1 1933 - 1977


Historical Data

Joe Wendle was born in 1871 and came to Barkerville in 1895.  He was involved in many mining ventures, including Cartboo Consolidated, LaFontaine and the Hard Up Claim.  A great outdoorsman, he guided many hunting trips from his lodge at Bowron Lake.  It was primarily through his initiative that Bowron Lake became a protected area.  He and his wife Elisabeth lived at Bowron Lake and in Barkerville until Joe’s death in 1963.


Scope and Contents

This collection consists various books and Manuals


Series 1:

In this Series:


1. = Books




               (9)          Manual of the Vancouver Stock Exchange     1933, 1935, 1937-39,

                                                            1946, 1947, 1948, 1952-53

               (2)          Cariboo Lodge Barkerville, BC (Freemasons)             1966

               (1)          Catalogue of Important and Rare Books on Ornithology                                         1935

                              From the library of E.C. Stuart Baker

               (1)          Slabs, Scabs, and Skidders - A History of the IWA, Bernsohn                 1977?

               (1)          The Improved Sunbeam Wood Burning Cabinet Heater (pamphlet)                        No date

               (1)          Small 3-ring binder with alphabetized dividers (not used)                                       No date

               (1)          Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Bridge River Map-area,                1922

                              British Columbia