WRG 12 - Technical Mining Books

Collection Dates, Series #1 of 1 1929 - 1947


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Series 1:

These books are technical in nature and most are pertaining to Mining

In this Series:

1. = Technical Mining Books




               (8)          Canadian Mining Manual - Published in Gardenvale,                       1936,1938,1940, 1945-47,

                              Quebec        and 1952

               (1)          Engineering Drawing Book -  by Harry A. Jones and                        Copyright 1934

                              T.J. Longhurst - Vancouver, BC.  Book 1 of the                              2nd Printing 1940

                              Progressive Technical Series

               (1)          The Oxy-Acetylene Handbook by The Linde Air                                       Copyright 1943

                              Products Company - A Manual on Oxy-Acetylene

                              Welding and Cutting Procedures

               (1)          The Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding Design and

                              Practice by The Lincoln Electric Company, Cleveland, Ohio                                 1938

                              This is a lether bound book with the name Lester A. Johnson

                              written on the inside cover, dated 1939

               (1)          Arc-Welding Manual by General Electric                    1929

                              Inscription to:  A.D. Campbell

               (4)          Mining, Canadian Legion Educational Services, Ottawa                                          1945

                              Booklet 1,2,3,4.

               (1)          The Coal Fields of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and                                        1909

                              Eastern British Columbia

               (1)          Mining Technology, The American Institute of Mining and                     May, 1938 & July, 1939

                              Metallurgical Engineers, Inc.